General Solutions

Interline Electronic Ticketing - IET

Airlines need to move forward in the implementation of Interline Electronic Ticketing (IET) with their commercial partners.

Advitair has implemented the IET in coordination with the most important airlines in the world, using the following phases:

  • Enabling the reservation system environment of each airlines.

  • Agreements over business requirements (GBR) and test plan.

  • Coordination of Kick off between airlines and reservation and distribution systems.

  • Performance of functional tests (Check List-QA).

  • Monitoring and solution to the problems detected (in the context of the UAT).

  • Production step (Cutover).

We have the knowledge and experience for demanding test plans and an adequate bilingual coordination with the rest of the airlines and systems providers ... An excellent service that will guarantee you an additional IET partner.

Robotic applications

Branch automation process which generates many benefits to airlines / travel agencies, allowing the performance of repetitive tasks through a set of methods, logics and business rules.

Some of the benefits obtained to the development of Robotic Applications are:

  • Standardization of processes.

  • Centralize staff in value-added activities instead of repetitive, low-level tasks.

  • Increase in efficiency by reducing delivery / response times.

  • Improvement in return on investment through reutilization and cost reduction.

  • Elimination of unnecessary or duplicate work.

  • Improvement in the quality of the service.

  • Reduction of errors eliminating manual steps.

By investing in Robotic Applications, your problems will be reduced and you will have a greater capacity to respond to the company's demands.


Some of our robotic solutions work through direct connections of the GDS, either via Web Services or APls, which allow the entry of massive transactions, to then interpret system responses and apply industry business logic.