About Us

Our History

Our company was born in 2006 when the two founding partners (with more than 17 years of experience in the industry) agreed on the need to have specialized services in the field of booking and distribution systems.

Indeed, until today there are very few companies with the experience and technical capacity to understand and propose efficient solutions in business processes around these traditional systems. These systems exist and have been developed for more than 4 decades provided by the same companies (Amadeus, Saber, SITA, etc).

Advitair (Advanced IT Services for Air Transport Industry) has concentrated its services on Airlines, but we have also developed products and projects for other clients, who are major players in the travel industry: Railway Operators, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.


The added value to our customers comes from 3 factors:

1) The experience of our team.

2) The combination of efficient processes with unique systems (owners).

3) Our orientation to meet the client's objectives.


Currently the Advitair team has 15 people, who have an average experience of 8 years in different business processes in the world of reserves and distribution. Additionally, we have an experienced software development team to create and maintain the company's exclusive systems.

So far we have served more than 15 clients-companies in the South America region, but we continue to grow and develop products and services to project ourselves to other regions of the world.

Experience and Leadership


Advitair has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the areas of Distribution, Revenue Management and Technology:


Distribution and Reservations

  • Freight of Airlines Tariffs, Charge Corporate Rates Cat25, Public, Private, Cat 31.

  • Implementation Interline E-Ticket, Codeshare.

  • Management of GDS Costs, with Initiatives.

  • Inefficiency Management GDS, Audit of GDS collections.

  • Portal Collections of Irregularities Agencies GDS, for the total management of Revenue Integrity.

  • Host changes (selection of suppliers and implementation).


Revenue Management

  • Commercial Data Warehouse, Revenue Management Indicators.

  • Revenue Integrity to improve inventory cleanliness.


Information technologies

  • Commercial Data warehouse, with large volumes of information to support the function of revenue management and distribution.

  • Development Collaborative Portals.

  • Robotic inventory cleaning applications.

  • Tools integrated to the reservation and distribution systems: Monitoring of Competition Rates, Cleaning of Inventory.


Other Areas and Projects

  • Corporate IBE and Final Consumer, for the support of sale of corporations and final consumer, integration of local payment means.

  • Sales Portal for Aerial and Terrestrial Services (flight + hotel + car + etc).

  • Support Portal "Sales Cycle", support and follow-up direct sales channels and agency.



Our Directory

Jose Luis Cifuentes, General Manager

Electronic Civil Engineer from the University Of Santiago De Chile


25 years of experience in the airline industry, in charge of the Reserves and Distribution Systems area in LAN Airlines S.A.

Its main achievements are:


• Significant cost reduction in telecommunications services (SITA and other local providers).

• Development of the first TCP / IP private network for reservation systems in LATAM.

• Migrations of Host systems; Sita, Gabriel and Amadeus.

• Leadership of Oneworld alliance projects (reserve and distribution system requirements).

• Leadership in negotiations to reduce costs of GDSs, including the development of internal products.

• Leadership of the implementation and massification of E-Ticket.

• Initiatives in Distribution (TA Portal, Amadeus Sponsored Channel, Distribution ABC Costing).

• Deep knowledge in reservation systems, ticketing, distribution, and cost structures of the GDS.

Cristóbal Catalán 
Ingeniero en Ejecución Administración Turística, Duoc UC


Cristóbal lleva 2 años en Desarrollo de Sistemas Advitair. Además, tiene 2 años de experiencia en Sistemas de Reservas PAL AIR, 2 años como Analista de Pricing LATAM y 2 años como Analista IET.

Martín Avendaño
Ingeniero de Ejecución en Administración  Empresas, Duoc UC


Martín posee más de 2 años de experiencia como Analista de Revenue Integrity LAN Control de Irregularidades del Inventario. Control de emisión reservas de grupo. Gestión de Inventario por contingencia comercial y/o operacional.

De manera adicional, tiene 1,8 años de Coordinador y Analista de Sistemas Portal de Irregularidades donde Administra el Sistema y otorga Soporte a usuarios.

Milton Jara
Traductor Inglés-Español, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Milton posee 5 años de experiencia en Sistemas de Reservas de LAN, 4 años en Pricing LAN, ATPCO y 3 años como Analista de Pricing en LATAM.

Además, actualmente se encuentra estudiando Ingeniería Comercial en la Universidad Santo Tomás.


Equipo Advitair

Daniella Díaz
Técnico en Turismo, Duoc UC


Daniella posee más de 3 años como Analista de Sistemas en Advitair. Por otro lado, tiene 6 años de experiencia en Sistemas de LAN y 3 años como Analista de Pricing LATAM.

Ernesto González
Ingeniero Civil Informático, Universidad Central.


Ernesto posee 5 años de experiencia en Análisis de Sistemas de Distribución, en distintas herramientas como Gestión de Ineficiencia de GDS, Sistemas de procesamiento de información (Datawarehouse), Facturación de GDS/CRS y Desarrollo de Portal de Irregularidades GDS.
De manera adicional, tiene 1 año de experiencia de Analista de Sistemas software Factory Solvit.











Tatiana Donoso
Ingeniero en Gestión Turística, Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana


Tatiana tiene 7 años de trayectoria como Analista de Sistemas de Advitair, 7 años de experiencia en GDS y más de 3 años de Analista de Pricing en LATAM.

Martín Fuentes
Ingeniero Civil Computación e Informática, Universidad Mayor


Martín tiene 1 año de experiencia en proyectos de automatización de Sistemas de Inventario carga de vuelos LAN Airlines. Por otro lado, posee más de 3 años de experiencia liderando proyectos de Revenue Integrity LAN Airlines, en Implementación y Administración Sistemas de RI (Calidris, ARI, RIE) y en Gestión de Ineficiencias de GDS.