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GDS Cost Management

Reduce significantly GDS costs through processing and analysis of various sources of information that allow you to identify savings opportunities.


Reducing distribution costs for airlines are of great importance to maintain their competitiveness; GDS costs constitute one of its main components. Airlines do not have dedicated systems for processing high volume of information coming from different sources, aiming to facilitate cost management of distribution systems. Along with the systems, the dedication of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge is also required to identify and propose initiatives to save effective and short-term costs. Based on our experience, it is possible to achieve significant savings by performing a permanent monitoring and analysis of the costs of GDS.


Advitair counts with professionals and systems support to grant airlines companies the management of distribution costs, contributing and managing key initiatives to achieve the proposed savings.


Portal Collections of Irregularities GDS

Standardize and unifies the process of collections to the agencies in a same platform, allowing collaborative interaction of all the participants.


  • ADM/ Invoice Policey

  • 2nd Level Support

  • Reports

File Inefficiencies

Report Closing


GDS Inefficiencies


GDS Inefficiencies Portal

ADM / Invoice Flow

ADM / Invoice TA

Management Reports


  • 1st Level Support

  • GDS Inefficiencies Upload

  • Control Process

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Travel Agency


General Configuration:

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Revenue Integrity by Advitair - RIA

Optimize the administration of Revenue Management, protecting your inventory of speculative and fictitious reserves, which will allow increase in your revenues and reduce cost of operations of reservations.

The problem of "Inventory Integrity" has a very high impact on the revenues of the airlines, having or not a sophisticated Revenue Management. There are several types and levels of control, with different complexity and potential benefits. Typically it is convenient to make a gradual implementation according to the results that are obtained.


This is how Advitair services are a good alternative to quickly incorporate advanced inventory integrity practices, at a minimum cost and risk, considering the benefits and the need for initial investment. Advitair has a focus on the Latin American region with access to world-class solutions and technologies, with real experience in satisfied customers, and the flexibility to adapt to the real and growing needs of the region's airlines.

 Several causes originate the Revenue Integrity problem consisting of No Shows and last minute cancellations.

  • Selling Staff in travel agencies or airlines poorly trained which generates or maintains bookings that never have tickets.

  • Changes in itinerary that produces disconnections or non-presentation of passengers.

  • Passengers or sales personnel with intentional malpractices, to abuse pricing and revenue management regulations.

  • Bookings without ticket.

  • Bookings in the wrong class.

  • Mix of classes not allowed.

  • Abuse of tariff regulations.

  • Bookings without respecting the minimum connection time (MCT).

  • Liabilities.

  • Blocking of spaces.

  • Duplicate reserves (Dupes).

  • Partial use of tickets at promotional rates.

  • Multiple bookings on the same flight.

  • Multiple bookings on several flights.

  • Multiple reservations in several carriers.

  • Group reservations without a name.

  • Name changes.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, airlines lose 4 to 6% of their revenues.
Components of Revenue Integrity of Advitair

Revenue Integrity


Ticketing Time


( Critical Flights)  

Ticketing Time


( Critical Flights)  

  • Control Dupe

  • Fictional Bkg

  • Ficticius Ticket

Regulation Control ADVP

Other Initiatives

(IT, PSN)  

Improvement in Occupancy Factor

Increment in number of seats available during the whole period of sale



No-Show and Denied Boarding

Improvement in cash flow by earlier bookings submitting

Improvement in flight control estimation demand

Unique Advantages of Advitair Revenue Integrity


  • Specific experience in advanced Revenue Integrity processes.

  • Minimum implementation times.

  • No initial investment is necessary.

  • It is not necessary to dedicate professional resources to operate the system.

  • Flexibility and solution adaptation.

  • Local support and in Spanish.

  • Service management reports on a weekly basis.

  • Reports "adapted" to specific needs.